Todd Brown


Fiscal Responsibility

Friends and Residents of Rocky Hill, Newington and Wethersfield:

Welcome to my website. As the campaign season moves along this site will be updated so please check back.

As you can see by the name of my organization this is a candidacy about controlling government spending. For the last 11 years our state budget has gone up at twice the inflation rate and has grown faster than wages have gone up. This cannot go on indefinitely. I do not understand why our state budget is not like my household budget. Each year I have a fairly good idea how much I will earn and I budget to what I can afford. Our state seems to work the other way writing budgets and then increasing taxes to meet spending. We should:

  • Only spend as much as we earn.
  • Only borrow as much as we can afford to pay back.

I am fortunate to be able to step up and offer myself as a Candidate for Connecticut House District 29. I promise to do my best to:

  • Limit the growth of government spending to less than the inflation rate.
  • Work on passing a plan to reduce our state's long term debt.
  • Once budget and debt reform has happened then we can work on lowering taxes.

Between now and Election Day I look forward to meeting with as many of you as I can. I love to talk, but I also can listen well. Together we can make Connecticut a better place. For more information contact me at