Todd Brown


Fiscal Responsibility


State of the State of Connecticut

Factors are coming together that are putting Connecticut in a critical condition.

Our taxes are too high. Every budget cycle brings new taxes and fees. Over the last 11 years the state budget has grown at twice the inflation rate not to mention the budget is growing faster than wages. The high tax burden makes it difficult for business to grow in Connecticut. The high tax rate is a factor in new businesses not moving to Connecticut.

There is too much regulation in our state. The regulations stifle business. The state permitting process has no deadlines to meet and projects wait for approval.

State government is slow to act. There are committees and panels to review everything. There is even a committee looking into ways to reduce the use of paper by the state government.

Our state budget is growing without restraint. At the same time our state has one of the highest per capital debt loads of any state. And the state pension plan is one of the most underfunded in the country. Our democratic controlled legislature just cannot control spending.

Our state government imposes unfunded mandates onto the towns.

Putting this all together and our state government is driving away business. And without businesses there are no jobs.

This is the time for new voices in Hartford. People with fresh ideas and the dedication to make Connecticut a better place for all of us need to be elected.