Todd Brown


Fiscal Responsibility


Why I Am Running

I want to tell you why I'm running for the Connecticut General Assembly. It's simple; I want Connecticut to be a better place and I'm willing to do something about it. I have the drive, dedication and determination to work hard for Rocky Hill, Wethersfield and Newington.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel better off than you were ten years ago?
  • Do you think your tax dollars are being spent wisely?
  • Do you think Connecticut is a better place than it was ten years ago?

Connecticut Ranks #44 for Business according to a 2012 ranking by CNBC. Our cost of doing business was 46th, our economy was 40th, our infrastructure 43rd and cost of living 48th. Without business there are no jobs, we need Connecticut to be friendly business environment.

Our own state government is creating the problem. Our state's tax policy is scaring away new businesses. Even after the largest tax increase in our state's history the state still ran a budget deficit. Our state has the highest per capita debt in the country. We need new voices in our state government to fix the problem. We do not need not long entrenched incumbents who are more concerned with reelection than serving the towns and people they are supposed to represent.

I will work for:

  • NO Tax Increases
  • NO Spending Increases
  • Require strict adherence to the spending cap
  • Reduce pension liabilities and end longevity payments
  • Get serious about fraud prevention and have DSS and Chief States Atty. dedicate existing staff to enforcement and protection
  • Moratorium on any new regulations
  • Expedite the permitting process and 90 day max for state review/action on approval
  • Review cost and environmental benefits of existing regulations
  • No unfunded mandates, especially school mandates
  • Tax credits for equipment donated to Vocational Technology Schools

I hope I can count on your support.